Ayyan AliPopular young model of Pakistani showbiz industry Ayyan Ali has released from money laundering case but recently released CCTV footage has created another controversy. The CCTV footage of airport is provided by PTI politician Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, which was aired in the program “Doosra Rukh”, on Dawn News. In this CCTV footage of Benazir International Airport, supermodel Ayyan Ali is busy in travelling documentation formality, while a mysterious man is carrying her bag.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan claimed that the man who is carrying a bag of model Ayyan Ali is actually PSO of former President Asif Ali Zardari, named Mushtaq Hussain. He asked that in which capacity Mushtaq Hussain was travelling with Ayyan Ali and what is the reason behind his presence?

PTI politician has also revealed that when Ayyan Ali was arrested by Custom Intelligence and caught red handed with US $550,00, brother of Rehman Malik reached there to release her from the custody of Custom Intelligence.

He also claimed that Rehman Malik had pressurized the investigative authorities in the money laundering case and asked them to weak the case so that Ayyan Ali would release from the court.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan also claimed that the plan has been made to kill the supermodel whether in the prison or after getting bail from the court.

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