Bol TVThe CEO of Bol TV Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh told about launching of channel that Bol TV is going to be a largest media firm and prominent channel in the media sector which aims to cover news, showbiz, entertainment, cooking shows and kids programs through different channels. Shoaib Ahmed also told that building of state of the art structure is the main focus of Bol TV for which he has financed big amount of money in this regard.

The CEO of Bol TV further told that we can proudly claim that Bol TV is the one which has world’s biggest infrastructure as we have made this set-up in a very short period of time. He also said that Bol TV organization has an in-house auditorium which has more than 500 seats and 33 studios as well as it has all new modern systems too. However the exact date of launching of Bol TV is not revealed by Shoaib Ahmed but he said that Bol will launch soon this year as we can see excitement among people for this media house.

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh has told about infrastructure of Bol TV in his video in which he has told in detail about launching of the channel. Here is the video of Bol TV’s CEO Mr Shaoib Ahmed Shaikh.

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