RangersRangers conducted operation last night at I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi and removed all the barriers from the front of media houses located there, Geo and HUM TV inclusive. Last week Rangers issued a deadline and warned if the barriers will not be removed they will carry out the operation themselves.

The operation to restore law and order situation of Karachi which was started two years back from now, gained pace after the operation at 90 Azizabad Headquarters of MQM. A public statement was issued and deadline of three days was given to remove all the barriers from different roads and from front of offices and houses. If the barriers were not removed by the deadline they made it clear that they will take action themselves and remove all the barriers which provide cover to the law breakers at the same time are hurdles for the law enforcing agencies and limit their swift movement.

A new debate started after the Operation at 90 Azizabad, speculating Bilawal house to be the next place which is waiting the cleanup. As till yet the barriers are at their place and have not been removed from the roads surrounding Bilawal House Karachi. Worth mentioning is the news that recently Rangers removed all barriers surrounding the residence of Former President Gen(R) Pervez Musharraf.  Many posh areas still await the cleanup.