Ayyan Ali ArrestedModel Ayyan Ali who was arrested red handed while attempting to smuggle huge amount of US Dollars to Dubai. The Investigation on the money laundering case has taken a step forward. The custom authorities Investigated about the source and reason of currency smuggling. The Details have been disclosed. According to the details the share she would have received in delivering these Dollars to Dubai was 4%.

She was arrested in Islamabad by Custom Officials while attempting to smuggle $500,000 on her travel to Dubai. She was to get 2 Million Pakistani Rupees that is the 4% of the total amount. As per the sources, she had the facility of using the VIP lounge that aided in lenient checking of her luggage but this time she was questioned about her luggage and her luggage was thoroughly checked she was found carrying $500,000. The currency was found veiled in pockets of her hand carry suite case. The custom officials recovered the money and arrested her before she could board for Dubai at Benazir International Airport Islamabad. Police also registered a case against her following her arrest.

The sources revealed she has also previously worked for several important personalities and was given the share of the smuggled amount. The Super Model is currently held at Adiala Jail and further investigations are in progress.