ICC World CupFamous private FM radio network of Pakistan which holds exclusive rights of cricket world cup commentary broadcast has charged Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) for airing illegal broadcast of live commentary of the world cup matches. FM 107 warned to take serious legal actions against Pakistan broadcaster if this practice would not avoided in the future. In a Letter written to the director general of PBC, a senior official of FM 107 demanded that the state broadcaster should stop broadcasting the commentary of world cup matches immediately. The official of FM 107 had warned that if such illegal activity doesn’t stops, it will involve ICC to safeguard the rights.

“I am afraid that if this illegal broadcast is not stopped immediately, we will have no other option but to take legal action against PBC,” said the chief operating officer of FM 107 in a letter written to DG of PBC. FM 107 DG also states that in case of continuation of this illegal transmission of live commentary on PBC’s stations, they would also seek help from the ICC to safeguard their rights which may results in unfortunate blacklisting of PBC from participation of any future broadcast rights.

It is stated in the letter that both the sides were in contact before the world cup began and FM 107 won the rights and PBC finally decided not to take the rights of it with the partnership of FM 107.