After the veteran singer Junaid Jamshed, pop star Atif Aslam has also grown up a beard. During a press conference held at one of the local hotel, when one of the journalists questioned of his get up. ‘Is the get up, mere a preparation for some upcoming movie?’ asked the journalist. To it, the singer replied that he found himself better with grown beard and hence switched to the get up.

Atif Aslam said that he is not working in any of the movie, neither has he planned to. He further told that his new get up is greatly liked by his fans in India. ‘Good response is achieved from their end’, said Atif. ‘And I think if you find yourself comfortable and good doing something, then you should adopt it’, he said.

It is not just Atif Aslam who has grown up beard in the music industry but others including Noori, former singer Junaid Jamshed too have beard. Atif Aslam has stated that he has grown up beard because it suits him. And not, because of any religious reasons.

Hence, the grown up beard might be shaved anytime. Fashion, get up, likes, and dislikes change anytime. You never know!