Pakistan Media Industry has emerged as a separate profitable entity in the last few years. Drama productions and lately the film industry have set the standards high for global acknowledgment of Pakistani art and work.

Trend of organizing award ceremonies was started off 4 years back. Triple –E, the event organizers   for consecutive three years, have stepped forward to happening of the event. Backed by reputable sponsors, the award function turns out a success. Numerous figures from fashion industry to drama, music, film, theatre, electronic are awarded for their excellence and contribution in the field.

Voting for the 4th Pakistan Media Awards have begun. Soon, the results would be announced on 28th of December 2013.

The event is an endeavor to following categories:

TV Category,

News Category

Film Category


Theatre Category

Under the categories, respective individuals are awarded for their performances in capacity.

The award show is followed by hosting, singing and dancing performances, short dramas. Legends are called upon on the stage, where their contribution from initial stage to attainment of their respectable position is recognized.

Award ceremony is empowering the emerging young talent to serve their area of interest in best possible way.

Media coverage, good finance, collaboration of various departments contributes to organizing and happening of the Award ceremony. Pakistan Media Awards is a step to promote Pakistan media industry locally and internationally.

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