Geo TV’s Paksitan Idol have gone into hot waters after ‘Saray Gama’ a British production house has filed a notification against GEO TV for copyright violation.

KARACHI:  A Britain based production house named as ‘Saray Gama’ announcing the two shows of Pakistan Idol screened on Geo TV network as illegal. Moreover they have notified Fremantle Media and Geo TV of legitimate measures contrary to copyright damages.

Fremantle Media is also a Britain based corporation that holds the ownership of “Idol” show and has specified license to Geo to launch Pakistan Idol.

Saray Gama in its warning alleged that both Fremantle and Geo have not attained the permit to screen songs and shows of its patent pieces. Additionally, Geo television on December 6 and 8 aired songs offered in Pakistan Idol on its website even though GEO TV does not own any of its licenses.

Tracks possessed by Saray Gama were utilized on the websites of Clear Shampoo, Q Mobile, Pepsi and Mobilink for which they had no authorized and legitimate rights. The notification directed to Fremantle Media has inquired Geo television to obtain synchronization and presentation privileges within forty eight hours of the receiving of the warning if not then severe authorized measure will be made.

The notification exclaims that Saray Gama’s accredited demonstrative in Pakistan is Digital Entertainment World who can be come near for obligatory license. So long Geo TV has not contacted the accredited franchise for certificate.

The notification provided a description of songs of which Saray Gama owns special rights, but they were aired on Pakistan Idol illustration in explicit desecration of anti-piracy regulations.