Asif-Raza-MirThe veteran actor and producer of Pakistan Asif Raza Mir who is also the founder of TV production house A & B Entertainment may leave Geo Network very soon as he was serving as Managing Director of Geo’s entertainment channels such as Geo Kahani and Geo Entertainment. The rumors are buzzing these days that Asif Raza Mir is leaving Geo because another founder of A & B Entertainment Babar Javed is not happy with Geo after rejoining of Aamir Liaquat Hussain as President of the channel.

On the other hand, it is also saying that Babar Javed has opened an individual office in Dubai and not interested to run its production house partnership A & B Entertainment with Geo further as he has some issues with Geo’s management too. Asif Raza Mir may quit from Geo due to this reason as Babar Javed was very close friend of him with whom he started A&B Productions in August 2009 which has become Pakistan’s second-largest television studio. Babar Javed

Leaving of Asif Raza Mir from Geo will highly affect Geo as Geo Entertainment channels will be deprived from the MD Asif Raza who holds extensive experience in media fields including performing arts, advertising and production.