LAHORE: Arfa Karim, A Pakistani PC Genius’s death anniversary is being noted yesterday; however it is completely dreadful act of Pakistani Media that they haven’t kept this day of sorrow in their news. Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa was a Pakistani learner and PC wonder kid who, in 2004 at only 9 years she turned out to be the youngest Microsoft Certificated Pro.

She died in CMH Infirmary on 14th Jan 2012. Sadly Pakistan Media Reports Channels like Geo Network, Dunya TV, Express TV etc have not expressed any form of report about Arfa Karim’s Death Anniversary nor they have stressed it in their stories reports.

Arfa-Karim[alert style=”white”] GEO Stories television Network one of the most well liked reports channels in Pakistan has wretchedly just aired ninety percent stories about their special transmission by Doctor. Aamir Liaqat and have forgotten to air about Pakistan Data Technology Hero Arfa Karim[/alert]

In a similar way Dunya Reports and other reports channels has not managed to produce any kind of reports about Arfa Karim. Pakistan’s common men and lovers of the great Afra protest on this scandalous approach by our Mainstream Media. They exclaim that they extremely denounce such perspective by media channels.