Being a Muslim everybody desires to perform hajj and Umrah. Umran can be performed any time in a year. So many Muslims go to perform Umrah every year. Actor Saud and his wife Javeria Saud and their kids performed Umrah and Actor Ahsan Khan also performed Umrah, when Saud’s family went there.

Actor Saud, Javeria Saud and Ahsan are the best actors of Pakistan. They also did so many religious shows on different channels. Actress Javeria is also very good Naat khawan, she recites so many Naats in different religious occasion on TV shows. This is good that our Pakistani celebrities have good knowledge regarding Islam. They tried to spread Islam through their religious shows.

They guys are seem to be quite happy, while they performed Umrah in their Umrah pictures. Javeria Saud’s kids look cute in Ihram. This is good that they took their children to Makkah; this is how our young generation comes to know about our peaceful religion Islam. Being a Muslim we should remember our obligations. In this year many Muslims performed Umrah and so many celebrities performed Umrah as well.

Here are Pictures