Actress Veena Malik is going to donate her kidney to Abdul Sattar Edhi. Actress Veena visited to Edhi centre to visit Abdul Sattar Edhi with her husband Asad Bashir Khattak. Veena prayed there for the health of Abdul Sattar and she further said that she desired to meet him and today her wish got fulfill.

According to the actress If we act like Abdul Sattar, there will be peace in Pakistan. Actress Veena said that she intended to relief Pakistani poor women and wants to give them education. In this regard she is talking to the world human rights commission.

[alert style=”white”] Veena came to Pakistan few days back with her husband and she also visited the tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi with her hubby. [/alert]

veena malik with edhi sahabActress Veena, who used to be the scandal queen, today she got a wonderful change in her life. Actress Veena is doing well for Pakistan, there is no doubt. Helping poor people is the obligatory of every affordable person. Actress Veena is also intended to do masters in Islamic Studies. She is trying to be good Muslim.