Pinky ShehzadiStage performer Pinky Shehzadi died mysteriously, she was taken to the Private Hospital due to sever backbone ache. Doctors injected her on her back, performer condition got worse on giving the injection on her back. According to her husband and dance director Shahid Pinky got back ache four days back.

Pinky’s husband said that, when Pinky’s condition got worst by the injection, which was penetrated on her back in Private Hospital. After that she was taken to the Government hospital where she died. Performer Pinky got buried in her birth place Bahawalpur. Pinky was the biggest fan of stage performer Anjuman Shehzadi and she used to dance like her.

Having inspired from Anjuman Shehzadi she added the word Shehzadi with her name. Anjuman Shehzadi was also the great stage performer who died three years back, Anjuman Shehzadi also died mysteriously. Performer Pinky was 27 years old lady, she got married three years back and she has a baby girl of 2 months. Pinky worked in Lahore and Punjab’s theatres and nowadays she was performing in Dubai, she came back from Dubai next week back. All stage performers are very sad on her death.