Haider Hashmi1Karachi: Aaroh lead guitarist Haider Hashimi has passed away in Karachi on 6th of July at 11 pm due to brain tumor. According to the details, well known musician Haider Hashmi was suffering from brain tumor as he was admitted at the hospital for treatment for the past few days.

The 40 years old guitarist who is unfortunately lost his life due to brain tumor left a widow and three children. According to the statement of his close friend and the bassist of Aaroh band Khalid Khan, Hashmi had a successful surgery and was talking with his friends and family but suddenly he felt troubling while taking breath,  after a while doctors gave us sad news of Hashmi’s death. It is pertinent to mention Haider Hashmi was doing some songs for Ali Azmat as well as he was also working for the second album of Roxen.

Hashmi who had worked as a session player for Ali Azmat and Atif Aslam joined Aaroh band in the year 2004-2005 and took place of Nabeel Nihal Chishti who was lead guitarist of the band. Haider Hashmi’s prominent and unforgettable songs are “Na Kaho”, “Raag Neela”, “Pyar Ka jaal”. At this sad demise of music industry, several Pakistani singers including Ali Zafar, guitarist Asad Ahmed and singer Abbas Ali Khan expressed grief and condolence over Aaroh band lead guitarist Haider Hashimi and prayed for the highest place in Jannah for him.