Tehzeeb TVAn Islamic and religious based channel Tehzeeb TV has started its race and all set to become the famous and prominent Islamic channel of Pakistan. Test live transmissions of Tehzeeb TV have started in the holy month of Ramzan with the satellite parameters of Paksat 1R.

Tehzeeb TV has emerged with the concept of Islam and Holy Quran as it goals are to spread the messages of Islam and its aspects. Tehzeeb TV is a medium where messages of Allah can convey to humanity as it aims to transmit the meaning and knowledge of Islam throughout the world. Tehzeeb TV is an inspiring medium or channel which is able to provide the knowledge of Holy Quran and other related contents in different languages as well as according to the time accessibility.

Tehzeeb TV consists on several broadcastings electronic media such as Cable TV, Satellite TV, Web TV and Mobile Phone Streaming as people will be able to access this channel through these mediums. Tehzeb TV is a result of some group mates who got inspiration from the Khutba of Hajj-tul-Wida of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) as they want to spread the real path of Islam through Tehzeeb TV in a friendly environment.

Official website of Tehzeeb TV:


Here are frequency details:

Satellite: PAKSAT 1-R at 38.0° E (C Band)

Frequency: 3732 V (TP. 3733 V 17990)

SR: 18000

Format: (MPEG4/FTA)