Bano_QudsiaFamous Play writer of Pakistan, Bano Qudsia who is also a wife of late play writer Ashfaq Ahmed is fine and healthy by the grace of Allah as her illness news is fake. According to the social media buzzes, the news was spreading that Urdu novel writer Bano Qudsia is not fine and prayers are needed for her.

The fake news of illness of Bano Qudsia who got much success by her famous novel Raja Gidh was increasing day by day on social media as her fans were also showing their concern for her as well as they are also praying for her good health. But this fake news had blown out when actor Noor-Ul-Hassan confirmed that Bano Qudsia is fine and has no disease. Noor-Ul-Hassan further added that some people try to spread these types of fake news about prominent personalities in order to get publicity in media. People should understand that it is not the way to get attention or publicity as hard work and their work is only the key of success or a way of publicity, Noor-Ul-Hassan remarked.

It is pertinent to mention that Bano Qudsia spend her mostly time at her home as she do not like to go anywhere after the death of her husband Ashfaq Ahmed that is why she is not likely to be seen at anywhere. Some common devotees and fans of Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia are often visiting to her home in order to ask about her health.