Aao Baat KareinCapital TV is all set to launch its new program “Aao Baat Karein” with the famous journalists and opinion makers. The program will be hosted by 3 experienced professionals including Muhammad Amir Rana, Dr. Farzana Bari and Dr. Khalid Masood. The first program will be aired on Friday 19th of June at 11:05 on Capital TV. However it will be broadcasted three days in a week from Friday to Sunday on same timing. Aao Baat Karein program is claimed to be a unique talk show that will set a new trend in the television industry.

One Host of the show Muhammad Amir Rana said that Aao Baat Karein is not only one program but it is part of our special culture and tradition. He said that unfortunately the atmosphere of dialogue is ended in our country and suffocated environment has been created for the people. Aao Baat Karein program will raise all the issues of our society which have been neglected by others.

“We will be discussing issues pertaining to religious minorities, women rights, extremism and terrorism on our show and will also try to give a solution to these problems too,” Amir Rana added.

Amir Rana is very senior journalist and director of Pak Institute for Peace Studies. He also writes column in Dawn News on weekly basis and editor of “Tajziyaat” newspaper.