Bol NewsThe Director General of Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) Akbar Khan Hoti said that Bol News is defaming investigating agencies and test transmission of the channel has proved this. He said that during the test transmission of Bol News, almost all the anchors and reporters of the channel were working on only one point agenda to defame FIA and other law enforcement agencies. According to Akbar Khan Hoti, the channel had also run malign campaign against the officials of FIA who are investigating Axact scandal.

While giving briefing to the members of Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology on Axact scam, Akbar Khan Hoti said that the charges against the organization are being further investigated for selling fake degrees. He also added that the capital share of BOL News is Rs.50,000 and the directors of the channel are Shoaib Shaikh, Ayesha Shaikh, Sarwat Bashir and Waqas Atiq.

“Each share price is ten rupees. Shoaib Shaikh has got 48,500 shares in BOL enterprises while Waqas Atiq, Ayesha and Sarwat Bashir have got 5,000 shares each,” Akbar Khan Hoti told the Senate Committee.

Member of the committee Senator Rehman Malik said that it had been circulating in the past that security agencies are on the back of the channel but the truth has now revealed in front of the whole nation.

While Chairman of the committee Senator Shahi Syed asked FIA that how it is possible that a person with just ten rupees share in BOL was offering an anchorperson a monthly salary of eight million rupees and medical facilities?? He further added that Axact is a fraud organization and Bol News is part of it.