WriterColumnist of The News International newspaper Asna Ali has left the organization for non-payment and refused to write further articles for the newspaper. Asna Ali has stopped writing her weekly articles for The International as a protest against non-payments for almost previous one and a half year and joins Dawn Newspaper. She was a famous writer of The News International and writes weekly article for the newspaper as a freelancer.

“I have stuck by them out of loyalty and I do hope that this culture of non-payment to freelancers will change but right now there is no chance of this happening. So I’ve called it quits,” Asna Ali updated her status on Facebook.

Asna Ali was associated with the newspaper for almost last three years and during this period; she wrote about 108 articles in which she raised several socio-political issues. But almost for the last one and a half year, she didn’t get the payments against her articles so that is why she has taken this step.

“I started at TN exactly three years ago and I am leaving it for now because I haven’t been paid a single rupee for work done over the last year and a half ,” She added.

It is to be noted that non-payment issue is a very serious matter for the journalists of print and electronic media in Pakistan and several media organizations are not paying salaries to their employees on time.