Dr.-Amir-LiaquatDr. Aamir Liaquat has announced that he may sue ARY News over the matter of airing false news. Few days back ARY News aired the news that Dr. Aamir Liaquat and his wife have fake degrees from Axact. According To the news Aamir Liaquat was awarded a degree of Axact owned fake University in Subject of History while his wife was awarded an MBBS degree.

When Aamir Liaquat was taken online for his view regarding the news he started to threaten the management of ARY News if they did not put off the news regarding him and his wife he will sue the channel for airing false news. Aamir Liaquat became furious over the matter and told the news caster that they should have thought before airing such news, which is a cause of disrespect. He further said that your sources of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) are telling a lie regarding the matter.

While challenging the news he said that his wife has an outstanding educational record and she is presently pursuing her Ph. D degree from Karachi University her educational records can be checked at any time by anyone from the university. While for himself he claimed that he had a Masters degree from Urdu University and a Ph.D degree.