Lays-Pakistan-PassASmile-bannerLays Pakistan, the famous potato chips brand has come up with yet another brilliant campaign with a positive message.

The society these days is full with tensions of family, friends and work. A common man gets exhausted with his busy daily routine along with other tensions to handle.

To get rid of this exhaustion, Lays Pakistan has unveiled their new campaign which aims to provide smiles on the faces of the people.

The new lays campaign has been categorized into two parts. Both the part consist the same message and happiness but both have their own idea of spreading smiles, just in different ways.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Lays Smile Pack: [/junkie-alert]

Lays Pakistan has come up with a new beautifully looking packing which gives you a smile on your face just by looking to it.

Yes, it’s true! The new packing of Lays Pakistan consists of Cheesy Smiles crafted over every new pack. The idea of these smiley packs is to hold the pack of Lays up to your face to bring a funny and cheesy smile on your face which the others while looking to it will break into laughs.

The idea has took over the social media as Lays introduced the hash tag #PassASmile, in which one can take a slefie or a picture with the smiley face and post it on the social media.

Celebrities like Mahira Khan and Mehreen Syed have also posted their pictures.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] 50 Days of Summer Smiles: [/junkie-alert]

The idea 50 days of summer smiles is giving a common man a reason to smile daily in summer for 50 days straight.

For 50 days Lays is giving away a cash amount of Rs.100000 daily and iPod shuffles through lucky draw. And not only this Lays Pakistan will also be giving away an Audi A3 Sedan on the last day of the campaign.

What! You don’t believe it? You better believe it, because it’s true!

How One Can Win?

Buy a Lays Pass a Smile pack.

Scratch code on its back.

SMS it to 9005.

Save the packet to claim the prize, In case you win.

Keep your fingers crossed and wait for lays Pakistan’s Facebook page to announce results.

To win iPod shuffle, post a picture or a selfie with #PassASmile lays pack and post it on your social media profiles with the hash tag.

So don’t miss this chance to win lucky prizes