Item Song Trend in Pakistani Films

Item songs in movies which is a foreign trend has now entered the Pakistani film Industry recently from Bollywood of course, which is known for its hit item numbers. Now Pakistani filmmakers are also adopting the same trend with the intention to make their movies more marketable.

Glamorous actress Mehwish Hayat as Billi in “Na Maloom Afrad” was the first one to be seen with energetic and willowy moves. Not just her, but Zhalay Sarhadi in “Jalaibee” and Ayesha Omer in “Karachi se Lahore” they all have received criticism from all corners of the country.

Mehwish HayatHamza Ali Abbasi an Actor, Model and Film Director also reacted to this new trend on social media,  he criticized it and made it clear that we have our own cultural, moral and religious values and we should not follow the Bollywood trend blindly.

Sohai Ali AbroPakistani audience have doubtlessly disapproved this vulgar trend. New Cinema which is evolving now and receiving appreciation for its work must also make sure to abide by our cultural and religious values.

Ayesha OmerThe reaction of public on the item numbers is pretty clear they strongly condemn Pakistani Women doing Item Numbers. Women have sanctity and respect in our culture, making women the object of vulgarity or such type of entertainment is totally against our values.

About Author: Mahira Imran is blogger, medical student and social media activist.

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  1. Fahad Khan says:

    So Geo IS a trendsetter in Pakistani media
    It is so frustrating to see other channels copy Geo News’ concepts. The viewer wants to see new concepts, not plagiarism.
    Samaa TV has come up with a ‘new’ concept of “Samaa47” – showing news from pre-partition and Partition in a sepia tone with an anchor giving the news.
    But this is nothing new, Geo has been doing this since its inception every – “Agar Geo hota tu kia hota”. Samaa stop copying Geo and come up with some new concept.
    Such acts of “copying” an idea which is also running on Geo is strange. Does this mean that Geo News is a trendsetter in Pakistani media? Is there a dearth of ideas in our industry that channels just pick up what Geo has already done and rebrand it to fit their channel?

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