India’s biggest Super Star Salman Khan movie Sultan is All Time Block Buster. It is not surprising that the film has done 300 crore Indian rupees business in India. The surprising part is that Sultan has done 20.92 crore Indian rupees business. This means Sultan film has done business of 32.70 crore Pakistani rupees business.

The amount is very big. Without any promotion in Pakistan the film has earned a lot.

The below table shows that Pakistan is on fourth in the list when it comes in earning profits.

Image credit: Bollywood Hungama
Image credit: Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood stars and makers heavily promotes film in India, UAE, UK, USA and even goes to these countries for promoting and attracting people.

But in Pakistan these actors/makers never came but still manage to earn huge profits. Bollywood industry now also knows that Pakistan is a big market and they can earn lot from here.

*** Government of Pakistan can take some learning from this ***

People on social media also commented on film, some demanded ban of Indian films in solidarity with Kashmiris. Some criticized cinema owners for giving too many screens to Bollywood film instead of Pakistan films.

However it is true fact that thousands of Pakistan enjoy Indian films in Pakistan as the business of the film in Pakistan speaks for it. 

By Mubashir Mahmood. He tweets @mubashirmahmood