Zubaida TariqMrs. Zubaida Tariq is the most famous name among the chefs. Chef Zubaida is the master of cooking and her program is extremely liked by everyone. Her program comes on “Masala TV”. Mrs. Zubaida is also known as Zubaida Aapa. Not only she is good at cooking but also she gives the tips during her program.

Agony Aunt Zubaida Tariq has the solution of all the problems related to home chores. Viewers call her during her program and ask about the different tips. Chef is indeed an accomplished chef of Pakistan. Her all dishes are quite delicious and everyone tries to make it at home. She has done several cooking shows. She started her career in the age of 51, according to chef; her food was extremely liked by her husband’s friends.


She was born in India Hyderabad Deccan on 4 April 1945, she moved to Pakistan after the 3 years of separation of Pakistan. She migrated to Pakistan in Karachi, PIB colony, where she used to live with her six sisters and four brothers. After the death of her grandfather and father she took all responsibilities of running the house. She got married in 1966 with her cousin Tariq; she got married in the age of 21. She got two sons and a daughter.