actress nargis rasheedActress Nargis Rasheed is the most famous drama actress of Pakistan belongs to Rawalkot Azad Kashmir. She currently lives in Islamabad. She is a well educated women did masters from Quaid e Azam university of Islamabad. Actress Nargis is an unmarried actress of Pakistan.

Actress did several dramas on big channels, actress performed well, when she appears in negative roles. Her cunning performance is quite famous in viewers. She looks good, while performing negative roles and negative roles suits her a lot. Actress has been working in dramas for long time. She is considered to be the best actress of Pakistan. Her performance is indeed good, there is no denying the fact that she acts well.

Actress Nargis is tall and huge and her look is quite suitable for negative roles that’s why people wants to see her in negative roles, viewers like the way when she becomes clever and enjoys her cunning performance. It is very difficult task to perform the role of clever person but actress has the ability to perform it well. Actress Nargis is getting a lot of work in several dramas of Pakistan.