Wordpress-logoWhy media persons and bloggers in Pakistan should prefer WordPress as compare to other blogging platforms? Well it is a difficult question, especially when you are starting off new website. Even It’s harder question for Pakistanis who have observed WordPress Block in 2014.WordPress is free and open source contained manager system(CMS) it allow you to publish, edit, create, modify, organize, remove and modify contain with facility for anyone to get free licensed which increases security and stability. It was introduced 12 years ago in May 27, 2003, by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Many famous journalists like Damian Walter from Aeon Magazine, Alexander Christie-Miller of Times of London and Nicole Froio from The Guardian uses and prefers WordPress but Pakistani journalists are still considering micro-blogging as better option than proper blog.

Also many well known organizations such as Sony, Coca-Cola, UPS, XEROX, eBay, Best Buy, McDonald’s, The Wall Street Journal, and many more are using WordPress, as well as many celebrities like sylvester stallone, justin bieber, katy parry and others also prefer WordPress.

Things WordPress proved to its users

  • With WordPress you use a WordPress hosting provider to host your website and control your web content and as well as own your data. You decide how long you want to run a site or when you want to shut it down.
  • Provide more than 47,000 important and trouble-free plugins to users such as,

BackupBuddy: It allows you to feel free by saving your important data to backup such as cloud or Google drive,

WP store: sale anything securely,

WP eMambers: can turn your WP site into member ship site,

WP Photo seller: can sell your photos easily.

  • Currently 47,000+ plugins that are downloaded more than 1100 million times which shows how vast and extensive WordPress community is.
  • WordPress gives you thousands of themes to select for your website. You have plenty of high quality themes for your site.
  • WordPress is the most portable web content management system, by using WordPress you can easily change domain name move your site to new host and even can move it to new content management system.
  • Future of WordPress is bright and secure because it is the open source manager so its future dose not relay on any individual or organization.

Now the problem is which one is better to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org? There is a basic difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.org is self hosted which provide freedom for users to fully manage his website the he want without any registration. On the other side WordPress.com is free and wants you to focus on appearance of the website and let them handle the rest of it but you have to register yourself to WordPress.com.

On conclusion suggestion, if you are a personal blogger and you do not care about money making through blogging then it is best for you to use WordPress.com but if you are interested in some money making through your blog WordPress.org will help you.