Whatsapp UrduPopular Instant messaging app for smartphones Whatsapp will be soon available in Urdu language in Pakistan. Whatsapp Urdu version for Android will let millions of Pakistani’s to use it who don’t know English. This initiative will also promote our national language and will let people to have conversation with each other in Urdu, rather than Roman Urdu. Whatsapp Urdu will bring a new change for the android users and it will mostly entertain the rural population of Pakistan, who don’t know English. It will be soon available in the iOS and Android App stores.

Whatsapp Urdu is an initiative by Ahsan Saeed, who is the translation administrator of this and had been putted all his efforts to launch this service. While talking to a Pakistani newspaper, Ahsan Saeed said that he had started translating Whatsapp in Urdu language 3 years ago, however the final process took 3 months to complete it. He also said that the whole process has been fulfilled with the help of experts who have voluntarily worked for it.

“Being a Translation Administrator, I translated 753 strings and moderated 2089 strings in less than 3 months and made Urdu 18th language in which WhatsApp for Android has been fully translated.”, Ahsan Saeed stated.

He also stated that “It was impossible without help of volunteer translators who put their efforts just for the love of Urdu.”

Ahsan Saeed said that people still talk to each other in Urdu language and use Urdu keyboard for it but after this measure, Whatsapp will be available in Urdu language for the users. He said that the majority of users in Pakistan gives priority to the Urdu language on mobile internet and this is much needed by them. However it is also important for those who wants to keep connected with their national language, Ahsan Saeed added.

According to the Whatsapp, a very important and interesting aspect of this version is that the whole team has putted all of their efforts voluntarily during this project and this is the practical example of their love with the national language.