Waqar ZakaPopular TV host and entertainer of Pakistani television industry, Waqar Zaka has again set an example for all the other people by reaching Syria to help the humanity. He is the first Pakistani media personality who reached Syria without any support of television channel, NGO and Government. With the tagline “MissionSyriaWithWaqar”, Waqar Zaka has reached Syria to help the Muslims who are facing difficult problems due to civil war in the country. He is nowadays updating his social media accounts on the daily basis and spreading awareness among the people to help the humanity as much as they can.

The mission of Waqar Zaka behind visiting Syria is to provide help to maximum number of people, specially kids and women to cross the border of Syria and to get out of the danger area. He is also appealing on social media to donate as much as they could for this great cause and for this purpose, he has also given account number.

It is to be noted that it is not the first time that Waqar Zaka has reached outside the country to help the humanity but few months ago, he had also visited Burma to help the Rohingya Muslims and donated generously to help them.