Vsh News LogoDirector News of a Balochi Channel Vsh headquartered in Karachi, lodged FIR against its own reporter for demanding his salary and unpaid dues. The FIR was registered at Tipu Sultan Police Station in Karachi.

According to the reporter he was in need of finances as he was facing serious financial crises he contacted the channel’s management number of times but the efforts produced no fruit. While returning home from office on 9th of February this year, he got injured in an accident on Shahrah-e-Faisal. He was admitted to Jinnah Hospital. He added, he also needed the money for his medical treatment. In hope of positive results he again approached the management to persuade them to pay him all the unpaid salaries and dues which were nevertheless his right. He resigned from the channel with the hope to get the unpaid salaries not only the management denied but also threatened him of dire consequences. In response he registered complaint with Police against management of the Channel on 8th of March. He added that now I have heard the that the Director News has lodged an FIR against me, the FIR has no justification in itself and is baseless, it is part of their dirty tactics to rip my right off me as they are not willing to pay my dues.