-veena-malikLahore: The famed actress of Pakistan Veena Malik vowed to face cases against her by saying that she will face all the cases against her after returning to Pakistan but currently she has no plans return. It is pertinent to mention that she has been accused of the crime of blasphemy with her husband Asad Bashir Khan in a Pakistani channel.

Veena Malik has also said in this regard that we did not mean to hurt anyone as it was not an act of blasphemy however; organizers and the owners of the channel have also apologized for that telecast. Actress Veena Malik who is in Dubai now s days also commented over the current political situations and said that my heart weeps when I see the political situations of Pakistan in Television. Rallies, processions and bloodshed killing in Pakistan have affected the credibility of Pakistan in all around the world, Veena Malik added.

The 30-years old actress Veena Malik further added that intolerance in Pakistani society has forced the entire nation to think that where are we going towards? Similarly, unemployment, Load shedding and no peaceful conditions have ruined Pakistan economically as well as there is no justice in Pakistan because law is only applicable on poor not on rich people, Vena remarked.