Paresh RawalIndian actor Paresh Rawal all praises Pakistani television work by saying that Pakistani films are better than Bollywood films even Pakistani television shows are also much better than our films. Paresh Rawal. According to the details, Paresh Rawal out a cup of praises over Pakistani industry during the promotional event of his new film Raja Natwarlal.

Multitalented actor Mr. Rawal also said about Pakistani work that Pakistan has great and quality content due to which their work tends to attract many audiences and our audiences are also impressed by their shows. He also said that major aspects of the success of films are acting and story line as success does not be influenced by the revenue of the films. Actor who gave his honest outlook about the standard of films further added that Bollywood need to produce some smart as crossing 100 Crore cannot revealed that how the film is.

The 64-year-old industry veteran further told that I love getting good scripts, interesting stories and powerful characters and I will continue my journey in the film industry as long as I am getting good work. It is pertinent to mention that Paresh Rawal is playing a role of role of the retired conman Victor Singh Khan in his latest film Raja Natwarlal as he has also revealed that he loves con-films.