Channel 24Media regulatory body of the country, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has fined one of the leading news channel of Pakistan, Channel 24. In its notice to Value TV alias Channel 24, PEMRA has stated that the management of the channel has deceived PEMRA by using the name Channel 24. PEMRA has said that the management of the channel had registered with the name Value TV, but name of the channel has been changed to Channel 24. The channel has been fined Rs. 100,000 by the regulatory authority, according to the press release. Recently, ARY News also gets warning from PEMRA for anti Malala campaign.

PEMRA has stated in this notice that the management of the Value TV had acquired the license of property channel, but the format of the channel had also changed to current affairs without any notice. PEMRA said that the channel is using illegal name which is open violation of the rules and regulations. PEMRA has also warned and send notices to the management of the channel in this regards, but Channel 24 management continuously ignored them.

PEMRA has asked the management of the Channel 24 to immediately change its name and pay the amount of fine within next 30 days, otherwise license will be cancelled.