TV Host Mujahid BarelviSenior journalist and TV host Mujahid Barelvi is going to join upcoming media channel Nai Baat TV as he hosts daily evening show named as “Doosra Pehlu” at CNBC Pakistan. Mujahid Barelvi is best known for his questioning skills and candid approach due to which he got more attention of his audiences. He is also used to host weekly program “Live With Mujahid” at JAAG TV due to which he has gained immense popularity.

TV host Mujahid has also remained a secretary of the Karachi Press Club 1987-1988. He has an extensive experience in journalism as he has written creative articles for political journals and newspapers as well as he is known as the writer of six books which he wrote on Afghanistan and Baluchistan. Several reviews on Habib Jalib’s Urdu poems in The Friday Times were also penned by Mujahid Barelvi as well as being a good writer he started various magazines, weeklies, and monthlies as Sonehra Daur Karachi and Bankari are one of his magazines.

Journalis Mujahid was also recognized as the first Pakistani journalist who entered into Kabul in 1979 and gave updates from here. He has also written a book named as Jalib Jalib in which he penned about his friendship with great and revolutionary Habib Jalib.