CEO of Nai Baat TVAs new channel named as Nai Baat TV is going to be launched very soon which is claiming to be the most reliable media group of Pakistan. The CEO of the channel is Chaudhary Abdul Rehman who is striving hard to make his channel Nai Baat TV as one of the leading channel through which people can get latest updates and information from all over the world.

CEO Chaudhary Abdul Rehman is promoting his channel with the slogan “Koi Bara Bol Nahi” as he believes in hard work, dedication and passion not only words because only hard work can make goals possible. He wants to show true emotions of Pakistani Nation through his channel and is fully hopeful that his upcoming channel Nai Baat TV can change people mind set as he wants to see Pakistan as a superior nation. Nai Baat TV is ready to hit the airwaves through its modern technology and facilities due to which people will be able to get updated within a seconds.

Nai Baat TV’s CEO aims to enable superiority in Pakistan through different perspective of news which will be analysis be everyone through Nai Baat TV very soon. Chaudhary Abdul Rehman who believes that education is the only key of all problems wants to educate the public with impartiality and also believes that Nai Baat TV will hold a unique place in the media.