Saifan KhanSaifan Khan who basically graduated from a Business School, Institute of Business Management (IoBM) started his career by working in managerial capacity in the corporate sector but soon after he joined media Industry. His career at Media started in 2009 when he joined Business Plus. He hosted programs at Business Plus and remained part of their team for more than two years.

News One was his next stop, he joined News One in 2011 as program host and he hosted the program ‘Mazrat ke Sath’ which was considered to be an influential current affairs program, discussions mostly political though on a wide range of topics, from the issues of masses to foreign policy of the state of Pakistan and from legal discussions to Informational sessions mostly featuring renowned guests. He continued to host the program until his stay at News One.

Now recently he has joined Abb Takk TV as an Anchor, he will host the Program Benaqaab which will be a current affair cum Investigative program. A program which promises unearthing of the hidden Information and hidden official files which pertain to the issues of the masses which remain unresolved for ages.