Abdul-Moiz-JafriiTV anchor Abdul Moiz Jaferii has studied Law and Economics from Lyceum and studied LLB from University of Kent, Canterbury. In 2007 he was the CEO of ORION Enterprises from 2007-2011 then became Lecturer and taught International Law and European Law to students of LLB third year at L’ecole for advanced studies from 2007-2012.

He joined Media in 2009 as a political Analyst and host of a current affairs show at JAAG TV Channel, analyzing current happenings of Pakistani political situation. He has contributed to a number of current affairs shows. He is among youngest anchors of JAAG TV.  He is also associated with MCAS & W as Associate since 2011. Besides being in the media he is also practicing as a Lawyer. He has interviewed many prominent personalities like Imran Khan and Ex-President Pervez Musharraf.

Moiz Jaferii possess expertise in strategic communication skills, financial reporting, strategic planning, broadcast journalism, financial analysis and others. He is also skilled in event management. He is considered to be one of the youngest, talented and passionate member of JAAG TV. His weekly show Agenda 360 gained a lot of appreciation.