Masood HamidDirector Marketing of Pakistan Herald publications limited, Masood Hamid was shot dead in his car at Defense Phase-VIII in Karachi. The murderers left their weapon in his car. Apparently he died on the spot bearing a single bullet. Police authorities immediately appointed an officer to investigate the incident and bring murders to Justice.

Masood Hamid has contributed to media and newspaper Industry for more than 28 years with honesty and hard work. He formed a highly professional team of marketing at Pakistan Herald Publications Limited. He also served as Secretary General of All Pakistan Newspaper Society. About a month ago Mr. Hamid’s mother died leaving her loved ones in sorrow, and now the grief of Mr. Hamid’s death is a pain for his family. He has left behind a widow, son and daughter to morn at his death.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his grief over murder of Mr. Hamid. Moreover Information Minister Pervez Rashid also expressed grief over Mr. Hamid Fatality and offered sincere condolence to his family. Sindh Governor Dr. Isharatul Ibad also condemned the murder of Mr. Hamid.

Team of Pakistan Media Updates offers condolence over the tragic loss of Mr. Hamid, to his Wife Afshaan Masood and family.