Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mani have come to streets for NA-246. In yesterday’s rally in Karachi Hamza Ali Abbasi also known as Pyarey Afzal and host Mani were seen at streets for promotion of voting campaign for Imran Ismail. It is observed that they don’t feel shame or are not afraid of doing anything that supports their cause.

The rally in Karachi was headed by Imran Ismail who is the candidate for NA-246 bye-elections and PTI President Ali Haider Ziadi, Naz Baloch and others. The rally went to Liaquatabad 10 Number, Super market, Sindhi Hotel, FC Area and APWA College road. Hamza Ali was seen actively participating in rally and Mani was seen distributing flyers in Meena Bazaar, Imran Ismail went door to door for the promotion. Ali Zaidi also landed into the rally and actively participated for the cause.

Many famous faces are seen promoting PTI for upcoming bye-elections and participating in the campaigns. PTI has always received support from big names of showbiz industry, Sports and Pakistan. There already exists so much buzz about NA-246 bye-elections. It is also good for uniting TV stars and celebrities for creating awareness among the people regarding their own social rights.

Here are some Pictures:

Actor mani distributing pamphlets

Hamza Ali Abbasi in NA246 Karachi

Hamza Ali Abbasi in NA246 Karachi 2

Hamza Ali Abbasi in PTI karachi Rally