Talat IqbalPopular former actor of Pakistani television industry Talat Iqbal has showed disappointment of Pakistani television channels. While talking to the Pakistani media on the dinner given by Junaid Rizvi on his honour, legendary actor Talat Iqbal said that the anchors and newscasters of Pakistani television channels have badly ruined the cultural and ethical values. He said that whatever it is going on the Pakistani media nowadays, we could not even imagine in the past. Talat Iqbal who is now a US citizen, visited Karachi with his son and daughter on the occasion of Eid.

Legendary actor Talat Iqbal expressed his anger on the current situation of Pakistani entertainment and news channels by saying that the abundance of TV channels have created chaotic situation in the industry. He said that anchors didn’t apologize after doing mistakes and feels that it is against their dignity. Talat Iqbal also added that incivility is being promoted and Television, which had played for the reforms in the society, is spreading immoral lessons.

It is to be noted that Talat Iqbal is a legendary artist of Pakistani television industry, in 70’s and 80’s. He had also appeared in few films and married with an actress Sumbul Talat, who died last year in US due to cancer.