Amjad Sabri Salman KhanPopular Qawwal of Pakistan Amjad Sabri has filed a case against Bollywood actor Salman Khan and he is going to India to fight this case. The issue was started after release of Qawwali “Bhar Do Jholi” video, by famous singer Adnan Sami for Salman Khan’s recently released film “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. Amjad Sabri claimed that the qawwali was officially first recited by his father Ghulam Farid Sabri and Adnan Sami had not taken permission from him. However after consulting his lawyers on this issue, Amjad Sabri has filed a case in the Indian court.

While talking to a popular daily newspaper of Pakistan, Amjad Sabri said that his father had recorded this qawwali in Allahabad, in 1960’s and legal rights for this qawwali had been issued to him. Amjad Sabri said that the qawwali was very famous in the whole world and everyone knows that it is recited by his late father.

But this qawwali is copied for Salman Khan’s film without taking any permission and he had suffered from the mental anguish due to this immoral act, Amjad Sabri said. He also added that he has applied for Indian Visa to fight the case for the copyright of this qawwali. Amjad Sabri is hoping that the truth will win and he will come back to Pakistani with success.