Tahir ShahSinger and song writer Tahir Shah Wins Prestige award in America for his song ”Eye to Eye” in lyrics category. His music video was released first in April 2013 on music channels and YouTube.  It went viral on social media despite ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

The music video features true diva Tahir Shah who is a model, director, and producer by profession.  He is seen in long curly hairs dressed in all white suit, shoes and white background.  It gained huge viewership.

British department called ”Record Holders Republic (RHR)” England awarded a Gold Medal to Tahir Shah for making best ever song on eyes. Tahir Shah was faced with serious criticism for singing the song but still was able to create a buzz on social media. Tahir Shah has his own style. He thanked his fans for making famous his unique style. An Urdu version of song was also released. In his music video he sung about eyes, your eyes, everyone’s eyes.The video also had some imaginary elements. Depiction of his creative imagination.  According to Tahir Shah his video reflect feelings of love.

Tahir Shah till date has penned down many books about his journeys through Africa, Asia, and America. Most of his books are travel related literature.