Actress Sanam Saeed has said that working in theatre dramas have backed confidence in her. She opined that once again the theatre work has earned importance in our society. Artists’ works are being appreciated by people, she said.

She expressed these views in an interview. Sanam said that the artists have earned respectable position and appreciation from the viewers and audience through their diligent work. ‘Our dramas are witnessing strong position in comparison to the production in the last decades. The new generation, youth is coming up with new innovate ideas’, she said expressing confidence in the media men.

The ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’s’ Kashaf’ sharing her views on the drama industry of Pakistan spoke that the last two years 2010-2013 have been witnessed as good years for the industry. Good dramas came over the screen. While last year, several productions have had received high ratings, locally and internationally, across the globe in the areas where Urdu language is being spoken or understood.

In reply to a question Sanam Saeed said that serious thoughts are being given to revive the film industry. Soon positive results would turn up to show the efforts.

Sanam Saeed is 30 year young talented model and drama actress. She has pleasing personality with good looks and style. Her roles were acknowledged in dramas Mera Naseeb, Daam, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu.