ThreatreFaisalabad: According to the Faisalabad Arts Council, Stage Actress Sonam Chaudhary, Saba Mughal & Arsa Kayani has been banned for 15 days from giving vulgar performance. The action has been instigated on a statement of the Faisalabad district management officer verifying that these performers were doing obscenity and vulgar dance. They all performed in a stage drama at Faisalabad.

In the meantime, dancers Sonam Chaudhary, Saba Mughal & Arsa Kayani performing in stage drama have also been forbidden from performance. The drama was being performed at Faisalabad Theatre. According to reliable sources, the theatre administration said that they would try to provide the entertainment in the form of vulgarity. There was no report of a permanent ban on performances.

According to sources that Government would keep an eye on Theatre performance and they would be taken by a representative of the censor committee to check it for vulgarity. The ban would be valid until December 15 Moreover, the bad publicity of drama and theater to be outlined that’s why administration of theatre has also been issued a show cause notice. This was a great moved of Government to stop those element which is spoiling the environment.