naheed ansariARY Zindagi is presenting the best cooking show of Chef Naheed Ansari with the co- host Ayesha Khalid, Ayesha is the famous host of Pakistan and hosted several shows. Now she is hosting a cooking show with Naheed. Naheed is considered to be the best chef of Pakistan. Her show comes on every weekend morning.

Naheed is running a wonderful program on ARY Zindagi; she is sharing her 26 years experience of cooking with viewers. Chef has the ability to cook Pakistani and international food. Naheed is sharing her own cooking experience with the viewers; she never joined any institute to learn cooking. Her program is extremely liked by the viewers on ARY Zindagi.

ARY Zindagi is running successfully and everyone likes its program. This channel brings a lot of fun for the Viewers. Not only Pakistani programs come on this channel but also Indian and Turkish programs come on this channel. Turkish programs come with Urdu translation so that everyone could understand the language of these Turkish dramas. Famous Indian program Comedy with Kapil also comes on this channel. This program is extremely watched by the viewers. ARY Zindagi is considered to be the best channel of Pakistan.