Life has been hectic these days, and the first thing that comes to mind when you want to relax is to flip through channels aimlessly. I was doing the same when I came across an ad made by Lipton, which touched an emotional chord as it made me realize how disconnected we have become from family and loved ones, as we all are too busy stuck in the daily grind, rather than spending time with each other.

If you have not seen this new TVC, then I suggest that you do it. It touches upon a beautiful concept, depicting the sad reality of today where a daughter feels unloved because her father is too busy to take out the time to talk or play with his daughter.

A powerful message embedded wonderfully in the short period, the one thing which I loved was how accurate it was and how it was trying to tell its audiences that once in a while we all must disconnect, to spend quality time with the people who matter, as these precious moments will not come again.

The ad was thought-provoking for everyone; it makes you think how with our daily routines holding us back, we are so involved in trying to just to fulfil all our responsibilities, that we often forget to prioritize our loved ones, the people who we’re doing it all for in the first place.

So, this heart-warming TVC by Lipton made you want to re-evaluate your priorities in life and gave a much-needed wake-up call to take the time out to spend quality time with your family over a warm cup of tea that will energize your soul as well as your mind.Yes, we have a never ending to-do list, and yes, we’re busy. But when you step back and really think about what matters in life, you’ll realize that a few of those tasks can wait, because these moments with our loved are too precious and fleeting.

By Saira Khan