The term ‘less is more’ has perhaps never been more relevant in human history. Scientific development has mostly been focused on enriching our lives by providing us with choices. But a wide range of options can often be a distraction. In some way, shape or form external stimuli are presenting loads of information to process, comprehend and make a decision. This can be exhausting.

With its new advertisement, Lipton tea wants to remind us all of the most essential things in life, family. Being able to enjoy a cup of tea in the presence of your loved ones, without being interrupted by anything.

The advertisement that aired on TV took everyone by surprise, because it was a minute of complete silence. The viewers were speculating to see what it was followed by, but there was nothing.

This new advertisement aimed to ask us some fundamental questions. What is the rush? Why do we always need to be updated about the latest happenings? Why is life suddenly so fast-paced? It demands that you pause, reflect, and connect with yourself and your family.

When was the last time, when you just sat back and took note of what you have? The last half an hour you spent with your child, giving full attention to what he/she has to say? Just sitting with your better half and talking about your day?

We are living in the 21st century, where everything is advanced. Everything needs to be fast, immediate, and prompt, but this has led to our lives becoming a race where everyone is running towards the finishing line. We continue to move forward while often neglecting the things that matter the most.

These priceless moments are incredibly hard to come by for many. Those who are blessed must cherish this opportunity. Everything starts with giving your family the gift of your undivided attention. The Lipton Silence ad perfectly caught that essence and even took social media by storm after it aired on television.

The moment of silence video was then followed up by an advertisement that put things in perspective for the audiences, motivating people to take out the time for people who matter the most. It was a brilliant new initiative and gives us a lot to think about!

By Asjad Khan