om puri lahoreMumbai: Indian movie actor Om Puri has said that for once before his last breathe, he wishes to pay visit to Lahore. In a special ceremony organized at Mumbai, he expressed his desire to the attendees to take him to Lahore. He stated that for once he will visit Lahore before his death; otherwise his restless soul will wander in the city.  On the occasion, he expressed his wish to launch his Punjabi drama in the Lahore city, where he believes pure Punjabi is spoken unlike other areas.

It is worth while here to mention that Om Puri, a legend Indian artist for past several years has had been expressing interest to visit the Lahore city in Pakistan, but still his desire cannot be fulfilled.

Om Rajesh Puri is a known name in the media industry of India. As a figure he enjoys appearance in several Indian commercial, independent and art films. He has been awarded with the prestigious Padma Shri Award. He has also appeared in British and American films. He studied film and television and then joined the field.

Some of his movies include Sadgati, Ardh Satya, Mirch Masala, Dhoop, Disco Dancer, Maachis, Gupt, A.K. 47 and East is west. He has acted in Punjabi movies and worked in TV dramas.