shart-dramaUrdu1 TV has telecasted many hit dramas which are still ‘talk of town’ the new upcoming drama “Shart” will enable Urdu1 TV to carry on the same tradition. Viewers will be watching this drama soon, it will be telecasted every Friday at 9pm on Urdu1 TV.

Starring in the upcoming drama are the leading actors Danish Taimoor who recently has worked in Jalaibee, Ayesha Khan who has proved her acting in many leading roles, Jibran Syed who got popular because of his impressive acting in the serial “Chup Raho” and Nida Khan will also be seen. Nadia Hussain is also acting for a supporting role. It is directed by Shaqielle Khan.

The story revolves around two couples and four friends, the story of extra- marital affairs is quiet common now a days in Pakistani Drama industry. The story will depict the Marriages break as the husbands cannot keep themselves from flirting around. The recently released OST is presenting the summary of the story.

This drama may prove a turning point for Nida Khan and Ayesha Khan, enabling them to take up different roles than the typical woman characters in the future. Danish Taimoor and Jibran have already proved themselves in other roles too, they have done their work pretty well is this drama the OST suggests.