No to April foolMany of the Artists from Pakistani Showbiz Industry rejected April Fools’ day and termed it as a forbidden act from religious perspective and ill natured ethically too. Artists condemned commemoration of this day and demanded from government to ban such unethical events.

Humaira Arshad and Jawaid Sheikh said that April fools’ day is one of the event from Western culture which is responsible for putting people in trouble.This same event is responsible for destruction of many happy families. Singer Jawad Ahmad’s opinion regarding this day was, feeling happy after putting someone in trouble is actually making fool of one ownself. Such cursed events should be eradicated from Pakistan for betterment of our own selves he added he doesn’t considers the western culture a bad culture but the events which spread happiness instead of problems and destruction should be commemorated. Humaima Malik said on this event that we should only celebrate such events which are source of pleasure and happiness for the people instead of events like April fool which hurt people she added that I request all Pakistanis and my Fans that please avoid April Fools’ day and do not tell a lie or hurt anyone instead spread happiness and pleasures.