Shanaz Ramzi 1Shanaz Ramzi is popular female writer and freelance journalist of Pakistan. Multitalented women Shanaz Ramzi has struggled in the media industry and proved herself as a dedicated and talented journalist of Pakistan. She is considered among the few female journalists of Pakistan who have written and worked for international media as well. Shanaz Ramzi is socially active personality and she regularly participate in different local and international events. Shanaz Ramzi is multitalented female who has many skills including media production, editing, online journalism, marketing, copy editing and many others including news writing.


Shanza Ramzi had completed her O Levels from St Joseph’s Convent School Karachi, in 1965. After completing her O Levels, she took admission in Karachi Grammar School and completed her A Levels from there in 1977. In 1979, Shanaz Ramzi took admission in Karachi University and completed her BA Hons in Journalism, in 1981. During her student life, Shanaz Ramzi had took part in several social and entertainment activities. She was also a member of several student magazines. She was associated with Science and Arts Society in Karachi Grammar School and Science Society of University of Karachi.

Journalism Career

Shanaz Ramzi had started her journalism career as a freelance journalist in 1994. Shahnaz has written for several famous local and international newspapers and magazines. She had been also associated with Dubai based newspaper Emirated Today, as a Correspondent Karachi. Shanaz Ramzi is a regular contributor of different magazine sections of Newsline and Dawn group of Newspapers.

In October 2004, Shanaz Ramzi had joined entertainment channel Hum TV, as Head of Publications and Public Relations. Shanaz Ramzi worked there for almost 11 years and contributed to make Hum TV as a leading entertainment channel of Pakistan. During her journalism career, Shanaz Ramzi has proved her skills set an example for all those women who thought that Pakistani women can’t beat men in their professional career.

In 2015, Shanaz Ramzi resigned from Hum TV after association of 11 years with the channel and announced to start her own PR and Event Management company, Starlinks. In this regards, she said that the idea came in her mind after several years of her association with the journalism and marketing field and she thought that this can really help her to start her own company. She announced that her son and daughter-in-law are part of this company.


Shanaz RamziIn 2012, Shanaz Ramzi written a book with the title Food Prints: An Epicurean Voyage through Pakistan. This book is all about the delicious food of Pakistan and many Pakistani dishes recipes have been given by her in this book. The book was published by Oxford University Press and soon became identity of Shanaz Ramzi. While sharing her experience at the launching ceremony of Food Prints: An Epicurean Voyage through Pakistan, Shanaz Ramzi told that it took 7 years for her to write this book, due to research, material collection and personal engagements. She had also praised her husband Zulfiqar Ramzi for helping her.

Social Activities

Shanaz Ramzi 2Despite of her journalism career, Shanaz Ramzi is also socially active personality and member of several social organizations of Pakistan. She is also a trustee of Heritage Foundation, since 2000 and this organizations works for disaster and humanitarian relief. She is also a trustee of Emergency Foundation.


Shanaz Ramzi has an honor to receive Best Journalist award from Mandoob. She has been also nominated twice for Gender in Journalism Award, by UNESCO. In 2012, Shanaz Ramzi had receive A Woman of Substance Award from St Joseph’s Convent School.


Shanaz Ramzi is also active on social media and having her own Twitter and Facebook profiles. She has Facebook and Twitter accounts with her name “Shanaz Ramzi”. She regularly posts different ideas and thoughts on her pages and keep connected with her friends and followers on social media.